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Rowing Gadget Review – the Coxmate GPS

A review by South Africa’s Backsplash Rowing Magazine and Facebook group “I F**king Love Rowing”. Gadget Review…The Coxmate…… A nifty little gadget that any rowing crew can use. It places itself in the market amongst the speedcoaches; that is a little screen that can be placed in the boat to effectively measure speed, distance, and stroke […]

Using Audio Only and the Coxmate GPS Units

A popular combination for rowing and dragon boat programs is the Audio/GPS combo.  The Audio only unit is a great value, high quality unit compromising of the latest in battery technology and the best possible amplification componentry, providing outstanding clarity and volume over varying applications.  Combined with the ever popular GPS unit you have a powerful combination […]

How Improving Distance Per Stroke Can Win You More Races

Distance per stroke is a great way to get your rowers to think about the way they move the boat.  Just as swimmers spend time in the pool trying to cover a lap in the least number of strokes possible rowers should also learn to understand the importance of the effectiveness of each stroke.  It […]