6W Speaker System FAQs

Q: Are Coxmate speakers NK® compatible?
A:  Yes absolutely, every component in the Coxmate speaker range is fully NK® compatibleQ:  What is the warranty on your speaker systems?
A:  The warranty on our speaker system is 5 years

Q: If I have a problem or a question or need some help/guidance who do I contact?
A:  Email sales@coxmate.com.au and you will be in contact with our customer service representative.  You will only ever deal with one person for all of your sales and customer care enquiries to make it easy to follow up.  We always do everything we can to help, whether you purchased your item last week or 15 years ago!

Q:  Can the speaker system be changed if fitted internally into a rowing boat?
A:  Absolutely.  When used with our bulkhead mount (image above) and our cable glands, the system is completely internal with no exposed wiring.  If there is an issue, our system allows for the wiring to be inspected or swapped with no tools required.

Q:  How are you able to offer a warranty that is so much better than your competitors?
A:  We spent a lot of time designing and developing our speaker systems and a large part of the research and development was focused on ensuring our speakers were durable in water – especially salt water.  This has meant our system is reliable in the harshest of conditions. In areas such as Brisbane, Australia we have a lot of very satisfied customers, who were finding themselves replacing their former supplier’s speakers at huge expense to their programs – money that can be better spent in other areas.

Q:  Why are your speakers so much cheaper than your competitors?
A:  Firstly, we are interested in motivating people to try our system, so we need to compel potential customers through price.  Secondly, the founder of Coxmate, Peter Hodson, was motivated to offer alternatives in a market where programs were forced to buy very expensive equipment.  It is our philosophy that we will always price our products at a rate that promotes participation in rowing, but is sustainable enough for us as a company to supply and support participants for many years to come

Q:  What are the installation options for your speakers in a rowing boat?
A:  There are 4 options.  The first is to use our competitors mount, which just requires the bending of the metal bracket then the attaching of the speaker with the screws we provide.  The second option is to screw the speaker into the boat in an appropriate position with the screws provided.  The third option is to velcro the speaker in position with the velcro tabs provided.  The fourth option is our patented bulkhead mount system (see image above) – this is very popular, especially for people having the system installed by the manufacturer.  This system can also be retrofitted to older boats

Q:  Can I have a speaker system installed by a boat Manufacturer as OEM equipment?
A:  Absolutely!  This is becoming increasingly popular.  We work with all manufacturers (Schellenbacher, Roseman, Sykes, Wintech, Swift, Filippi, Empacher, Hudson, Vespoli, Fluid, Resolute, Wudi, Peisheng, BBG etc)  to supply systems for installation at the time of manufacture. All systems come with the full 5 year warranty.  All you have to do is request that your new boat have the Coxmate system installed and the manufacture will work with us to ensure your needs are met.

Q:  Do you have Agents all around the world?
A: Yes we do.  We have agents in all parts of the world that can support you with your purchase.  They will provide you with all the help and assistance you need.  Here is a list of all of our agents and their contact details.

Q:  What is the best way to contact you?
A:  email sales@coxmate.com.au
We also have specific contact forms available on the “About Us” tab of ourwebsite

Q: If a speaker fails do I need to replace the entire system?

A: Firstly we have never had a speaker fail with our new 6W system!  But no, the beauty of our modular system is that components can be replaced as required.  All components to our system are available for purchase in the speaker systems section of the store.  Of course if you need help simply contact us and we will guide you to ensure you have exactly what you need to be heard

Q:  Can you explain your patented bulkhead mount system?

A: Yes, head to this page here and you can see some images, get a full explanation and even view the installation instructions