Using Audio Only and the Coxmate GPS Units

A popular combination for rowing and dragon boat programs is the Audio/GPS combo.  The Audio only unit is a great value, high quality unit compromising of the latest in battery technology and the best possible amplification componentry, providing outstanding clarity and volume over varying applications.  Combined with the ever popular GPS unit you have a powerful combination of reliable amplification and an endless stream of information on the performance of your crew.  Included is the Coxmate PC Analysis Software allowing you to download, analyse and assess the performance of your crew.  This software is a great resource for any athlete or coach wanting to improve.

Ultimately the benefit of having two different units is that both are optimised for a specific purpose and there are no compromises on the quality of the unit.  Sessions that do not require monitoring of workload do not necessitate having the GPS unit on board and the coach is able to decide who has information to what resource.  This provides opportunities for the rowers to have access to information while allowing the coxswain to concentrate on their steering or calls.  At Coxmate we believe offering this flexibility reflects the varying training methodologies employed by coaches and provides provision for the resources to be used in different ways to optimise training at all times.

When you look at the value for money equation and what you are getting when compared to our competitors you are provided with an opportunity to go beyond strokes, rating and time for less money or to provides more information to coaches/athletes/crews for the same amount of money.

A common addition for rowing programs is the use of an additional GPS unit for the stroke seat in the boat.

Both can be purchased here as a combo deal.  We are happy to offer bulk quantity discounts for large rowing programs looking to purchase multiple units.  Please contact us for a quotation.

GPS Key features:

  • Touch screen (works when wet)
  • Completely waterproof
  • Speed in m/s, time/500m, kph, mph
  • Stroke rate
  • Distance
  • Distance per stroke
  • Time
  • Heart Rate (requires Heart Rate model and ANT+ chest strap, both available – contact us)
  • Recording of workouts/sessions/races for full analysis using the PC Software (12 month licence included with purchase)
  • The fully customisable display includes options for:
  1. Speed in m/s, time/500m, kph, mph
  2. Distance
  3. Rating
  4. Time
  5. Average speed
  6. Stroke Count
  7. Distance per stroke
  8. Ratio
  9. Pace distance
  10. Pace speed
  11. Heart rate (requires Heart Rate model and ANT+ chest strap – contact us)
  12. Navigation (create courses via our website maps (uses Google maps) and store them on the unit to help you navigate.  Great for rowing (going backwards!!) and works exceptionally well
  13. Download and assess the steering performance of coxswains

What comes in the box:

  • Coxmate GPS Unit with neoprene protector case
  • Mounting adapter kit including the suction mount (additional kits are available for sale on our website)
  • Quick start guide
  • Lanyard (used as a tether when on the water) – protector case connects to lanyard
  • USB Cable for connection to a computer for downloading data and charging
  • 12 month subscription to PC Analysis software available for downbload via the Coxmate website

Warranty:  There is a full 12 month replacement warranty.  If you experience any manufacturing defect with the item simply return it to us and we will send you a new unit

Audio Key Features:

Kit Includes:

  • Coxmate Audio Unit
  • Microphone with windsock for wind noise reduction
  • Charger for Lithium Battery
  • Arm Strap and belt clip (great for Dragon Boaters)
  • Silicone grease

The Coxmate Audio is a compact waterproof rechargeable audio amplifier designed for on water use. It delivers clear audio and is designed for durability. It is equipped with long lasting Li Polymer batteries and a digital amplifier for energy efficiency.

  •   Long lasting batteries: 12.5 watt hour rechargeable Lithium polymer gives ~12 hours runtime. Recharge time ~ 4hours
  •   Digital amplifier for increased run time
  •   Automatic power down if speakers are not connected –voids accidental flattening of  batteries.
  •   Automatic retention of volume setting when turned off/on.
  •   Short circuit protection of speaker output.
  •   Compatible with any of the Coxmate or Nielsen Kellerman ® speaker/loom systems, chargers and current microphones
  •   Provision of socket  for connecting radio – enables coach to crew communication.
  •   Integral belt clip for belt or arm/leg- strap available- mount
  •  Two way radio input for coaches

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