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We make awesome coxing amplifiers.

Of course, we don't limit our innovativeness to just amplifying sound - we also do speed measurement. Did you know, we were the first to utilise GPS technology in rowing boat speed measurement?

Coxmate brings the latest in electronics technology - designed to be both economical and durable.

Forget about them getting wet, Coxmates are water resistant. Forget about Forget about Novice's dropping your equipment, Coxmates are shockproof. Forget about calibrating impellers, Coxmates can use GPS.

If you're a passionate Coxswain, you'll enjoy using our equipment. If you're a rower, you'll enjoy the quality audio amplification. If you're the one writing the cheque, you'll love the price.



The Coxmate AA

The AA is a rechargeable audio only unit, aimed at beginner crews or as a complement to a separate stroke rating system. It is a low cost and durable unit which is simple to use.



The Coxmate SRT

The SRT is our mid-range, value for money unit. The SRT offers time measurements and stroke rate while continuing to deliver excellent audio amplification.


The Coxmate SX

As the only unit with audio amplification, an accelerometer and GPS in one machine, the Coxmate SX saves you the hassle of having to worry about multiple bits of equipment. In fact, with superior battery life, shock protection and water protection to the competitors, you won’t be worrying about the SX ever.



The Coxmate HC

Speed measurement only. Perfect for those in singles who don't need audio amplification.


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